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— John Smith


Fabiano Speziari was born in 1977. After graduating in design, he began working as an industrial technical designer and artist, experimenting with different materials and techniques, having a single guiding philosophy: to investigate the human soul, its relationship with nature and the environment that surrounds it. The human being who, naturally, is led to ask questions about that which surrounds them, but who often does not know how to respond, and eventually finds themselves with more questions than answers.

From these thoughts have come various works over the years. Initially they were trees and natural forms done on canvas, or small, strange animals made of resin. He subsequently devoted himself for some years to land art and installations in nature, before moving on to using light and defined geometric forms. He began creating the “Message in a pencil” series, large bright pencils that convey messages. At the same time he developed the idea of agglomerates, housing modules that represent the home and human life relegated to an urban and standardised environment, giving life to paintings and luminous sculptures.

Since 2018 he has been interested in the nascent world of cryptoart and begins to experiment with digital art. To date she is actively working in this world with a project called Clods. A series of small clods of earth, the only remaining parts of the planet that was destroyed, on which the survivors try to rebuild an existence. Still and animated images, in which dystopian and irony are mixed.


2023 – 100% IA – NFT Factory – Paris 02/03/2023 – 25/03/2023
2023 – “Not built in a day” – Maison Bosi – Roma – 25/01/2023 – 25/02/2023 Curated by Serena Tabacchi in partnership with Cinello.
2022 – Light WWW Luminose in mostra – Billyrayart – Milano
2022 – Nft Revolution curated by 0x4rt for the Next World Forum in Riyadh
2022 – Nft New York 2022
2022 – Dystopian Pencil – Solo exhibition – Entropia Design – Turin – 16/03/2022 –  16/04/2022
2021 – Cryptoart Revolution – Moca – Paris, FR – 14/12/2021 – 16/12/2021
2021 – Dart 2121, Crypto art is now – Dart, Museo della Permanente, Milan, IT – 23/11/2021 – 06//02/2022
2021 – Dreamverse x Metapurse , Manhattan – New York, US – November
2021 – Dystopian Visions, CAMBI auction house, Milan, IT – July
2018 – UNIQUE – libro d’artista – Villa Biener Arte Contemporanea – Cipressa (IM)
2017 – Gallery Sweet Gallery Outdoor – Mariano Comense (CO) – A cura di Elena Isella
2017 – Bosco Arte Stenico (TN) – 5° edizione  25/06 – 02/07 – Menzione per l’innovazione
2017 – Quando la natura diventa arte – Bellissimi – Dolcedo (IM)
2017 – Sancto Lucio de Coumboscuro (CN) – Land art – 1 edizione  12/08 – 13/08
2016 – U N-A Urban Nature Art – Giardino Roccioso – Torino
2015 – Arrogna Naturarte – Fabian & Barny – II Alf “Autumn Landart Festival” – Pieve di Teco (IM)
2014 – Arrogna Naturarte – Fabian & Barny – Alf “Autumn Landart Festival” – Pieve di Teco (IM)
2012/2016 – Arrogna Naturarte – Fondatore con Patrizia Barnato del percorso di installazioni e sculture Arrogna Naturarte–Pieve di Teco (IM)
2012 – Collettiva “Be Smart Buy Art!” – Spazio San Giorgio – Bologna
2011 – Tra arte moda e design – Fabian & Barny – Galleria Cristiani – Palatina 13 – Torino – durante la “Notte del contemporaneo ”
2011 – Unitamente – Fabian & Barny, Museo della Civiltà Normanna (castello), Ariano Irpino (AV). Curatore Massimiliano Alberico Grasso.
2011 – Mutevoli forme – Fabian & Barny, A3artecontemporanea, Salerno.
2011 – Mostra collettiva “1 di due”. Artemax Gallery – Napoli. A cura di Massimiliano Alberico Grasso
2011 – Collettiva “Taste – Il senso del Gusto”, Degli Zingari Gallery, Roma. A cura di Massimiliano Alberico Grasso.
2011 ad oggi – Progetto “Micro2” – Milano. A cura di Anna Epis ed Aldo Torrebruno.
2011 – Collettiva “Imbusta l’arte”, White Art Gallery, Merano (BZ). A cura di Fabio Bartolozzi. Opera vincitrice “White space with hole”
2010 Collettiva “Cooming soon” White Art Gallery, Merano (BZ). A cura di Fabio Bartolozzi
2010 – Tripla Collettiva “HO POP!” White Art Gallery, Merano (BZ). A cura di Fabio Bartolozzi
2009 – Sedia d’artista selezionata ed esposta a Vigonza (PD) per il concorso Intrecci Contemporanei (Progetto So.Si-Te)
2007 – Book Fabrica selezionato ed esposto allo Shanghai Art Museum


2013 – Catalogo 2012/2013 Arrogna Naturarte
2010 – Catalogo editoriale Giorgio Mondadori “Post-avanguardia”.